Morry Sochat & The Special 20s ~ Private Events
Morry Sochat and The Special 20s can make it a special event. They play a mix of blues, swing, jazz and 50s rock n' roll that appeals to everyone. The Special 20s are not your normal wedding or cover band. They are a touring blues and swing band that plays private events when they are not touring. This is not a cheesy cover band or an American Idol want to be. The band is professional, tight and tuned. The band is based out of Chicago, Illinois and Austin, Texas. How two cities? Morry currently lives in Chicago, but grew up in Texas and still has many roots there. Whether you want a low down blues or rockabilly band or a classy big band with a full horn section, we can provide the right band for your event.
Morry Sochat & The Special 20s ~ Private Events
2012 Morry Sochat & the Special 20s
photo by Johnny Knight
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